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National Agriculture Market (NAM) is a pan-India electronic trading portal that networks the existing APMCs / RMCs to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities. NAM creates a unified market through online trading platform, both at State and National level. This online platform reduces hindrance of free trading of the agri-commodities within different market areas. The NAM platform promotes uniformity by streamlining the procedures across the integrated markets. It removes lack of information between buyers and sellers. It also promotes:
✓ Real time price discovery, based on actual demand and supply,✓Transparency in auctioning process,✓Access to a nationwide market for the farmer, with prices commensurate with quality of farmers produce ✓Online payment and availability of better quality produce at more reasonable prices to the consumer✓In West Bengal, 17 markets from 14 districts has been registered under e-NAM.

Objective of NAM: .....

✓ To create a national e-market platform for bringing transparency in transactions and better price discovery. ✓ Harmonization of quality standards of agricultural produce throughout India with assaying (quality testing) infrastructure in every market.

Benefits of e-NAM

For farmers, ✓ NAM promises more options for selling the produce. ✓ Transparency in trade ✓ Access to better price discovery ✓ Access to more markets ✓ Real time information of prices of nearby markets ✓ Quicker payment ; For local traders, ✓ NAM will provide access to larger national market for secondary trading. ✓Extends access to other markets ✓ Access to real-time information related to arrivals & Trade ✓Ease of doing business through mobile based apps. ✓Access to online banking and payment system For bulk buyers, ✓ processers, exporters, NAM will enable direct participation in the local mandi trade, reducing intermediation cost. For consumers, ✓ Stable price ✓ Ease of availability of agricultural commodities For mandis/Markets, ✓NAM benefits in terms of reduction in book keeping and reporting system, which are generated automatically; ✓ Better monitoring and regulation of traders and commission agents; ✓Completely transparent system which eliminates any scope of intentional/un-intentional manipulation of tendering / auctioning process; For mandis/Markets, ✓Improvement in the market fee collection by means of accounting all the transactions that are taking place in the market; reduction in manpower requirements as tendering / auctioning process takes place through the system; ✓Analysis and forecasting of the arrivals and prices

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